Troop 212 Calendar

Sunday, August 8, 2010

iPhone Photos

A few additional photos from Bro. Wasden.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Treasure Mountain 4--More Miscellany

Something to remember.

Walking the road between camp and all the action.

Sometimes camp was a lot like school.

Happy Sam

I don't remember why the cookie was significant. Wait! Grant says that it isn't a cookie but his carving project. It is a fish.

Sorry, Grant.

Treasure Mountain 4--Miscellaneous

Table Mountain eluded us during camp, but not for long . . .

Pondering the mysteries of life in the Nature area.

CJ and his dad in the Archery area.

One of our commissioners has an interesting sunburn.

Austin and Weston. Or was it Weston and Austin?

The troop and the troop friends--Nathan, Korey, and Chase.

Treasure Mountain 3--The Waterfront

A near miss.

These Scouts were happiest on the water.

Future staffer Sam having a great day in the water.

Sam, Grant, and Kyle's feet.

The Dominator takes a break from his kayaking.

Treasure Mountain 2--The Hike

At the South Teton Canyon trailhead.

A happy camper--literally!

Mountain men know that they are cool.


The scenery was not bad. Not bad at all.

Treasure Mountain 1

Kyle slips a little surprise left by a passing moose down Grant's shirt.

CJ demonstrates his rope bridge skills.

Bros Taylor, Jones, and Ashcraft brought their time, leadership, and smiles to camp.
Sorry, Jared. I didn't have a camera early in the week.

AJ studies the geology of Teton Creek.

Wes is happy that he didn't have to make this basket underwater!