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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scout Camp


It's never too early to start thinking about Scout Camp! We are scheduled for July 25-30 at Treasure Mountain. We will be camping in the Red Cloud campsite. The boys set a goal of 50 merit badges as a troop. Let's make it happen.

Dads: please plan to attend as many days of camp as possible. We will also need help getting to camp and back home.

I encourage you to start collecting the items in the "What to Bring to Camp" list below. A little at a time starting in March or April is a lot less stressful than trying to get it all at once in July. The first item on your list ought to be getting a physical exam for your boy. Your doctor may have the BSA form but to be safe here is a link to the form. I would like to collect the physical forms by July 1.

We will start hiking in June to get ready for our assault on Table Mountain during Scout Camp. It would be wise to get a pair of hiking shoes or boots broken in well in advance of camp.

There will be a fee for camp (it was $45 per boy last year). I will get this year's amount to you soon. We will have a Scout Camp Parents' meeting on June 7.
Personal Equipment

Medical Exam--to Bro Hunsaker by July 1
Scout Uniform
Swimming Suit--the swim test is the first thing on our Day 1 agenda
Sleeping Bag
Flashlight and extra batteries
Poncho or Raincoat--don't leave home without this!
Jacket--it gets cold at Treasure Mountain
Pants and Shirts
Scout Knife
Spending Money--not a lot. You can only use so much pink duct tape, right Dom?
Water Bottle
Towel and Washcloth--we will use these hygiene items this year boys!
Extra Shoes
Scout Handbook
Underwear--no body brings home a bunch of clean underwear this year!
Mosquito Repellent
Sun Screen
Hand Sanitizer

It's a blessing to work with your sons,

Steve Hunsaker

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