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Monday, May 14, 2012

May 15, 18 & 19

Two or three items for this week.

  1. No regular Scout meeting on Tuesday the 15th.
  2. There is a city council meeting this Wednesday evening (May 16th) at 7:00.  Several of the boys need to attend one of those meetings for one of their merit badge requirements.  I would normally take the boys but there are too many family things happening this week.  If your Scout can make it that would be great.  If not, there will another opportunity in two weeks.
  3. We have a camp and hike scheduled for Friday and Saturday.  Our plan is to camp at the Palisades Creek trailhead Friday night and to hike the Palisades Creek trail Saturday morning.  The patrols are in charge of getting their own food for Friday night.  The boys decided on hot dogs for that meal so the youth leaders will need to make some decisions about making that happen (buns, condiments, drinks, who buys what).  We will bring oatmeal and hot chocolate for breakfast.  
  4. As you can see below, the good weather turns a little iffy just in time for this outing so please make sure that your Scout brings rain gear.
  5. In addition to rain gear, your Scout will need overnight things (sleeping bag, warm clothes, snacks) and hiking gear (good shoes, water, energy snacks, big smile, good attitude).
Photos from the last time we hiked this trail (June 2010).

And two quick summer camp items.
  1. Please get your annual Scout physical form to me by June 19.
  2. We will have a Parents' Night regarding Scout camp on the following Tuesday - May 26.  We'll meet at the church building at 7:00.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,

Scoutmaster Steve

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