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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Calendar Items


There are a few calendar items that I want to highlight.  
  1. We are meeting tomorrow at 7:00 AM to put out flags for Flag Day.  Please make sure that your boy is at the Hunsaker Home (549 Taurus) on time and with a big smile on his face.  We will meet at 6:00 PM to take the flags down.
  2. We have a camp and hike this weekend.  We will meet at 4:30 PM Friday at the scout trailer.  We will camp at the Mike Harris or Trail Creek campground.  The hike will be the Moose Creek trail.  (Click here for photos form the 2010 hike of this trail).  Please send your boy with the standard overnight equipment (bedding, warmer clothes than he thinks he needs, etc.), comfortable walking shoes, a compass if he has one, extra socks, and water for the hike.  He will also need to bring a plate, cup, and utensils.  We're moving away from the paper products and this camp is a good time to start.  Dinner Friday evening will be tin foil dinners - everyone brings his own and eats it on his own plate!
  3. For the Parents' Meeting on the 19th, some of your boys have assignments. If your boy has an assignment, please help him to prepare.
    • Peyton will conduct the meeting
    • Henry will take 2 minutes to describe a typical day at camp.
    • Rhys will take 2 minutes to talk about special events (Honor Trail, hike, programs at Chief's Rock) at camp.
    • Kyle will take 2 minutes to discuss the merit badge opportunities at camp.
    • Cameron will take 2 minutes to answer the question, "How do I have a successful camp experience?"
  4. One other thing.  Given the departure of Kyle and Brandon, we reorganized the troop leadership last night.  The new organization is available on the right.
I think that is it for now,

Scoutmaster Steve

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